About Me

My name is Alex Oniwona. This is my Creative Media First Year Portfolio.

In my time studying Creative Media ive developed the skills to create a variety of pieces including short films and editing images and logos etc.

Ive become familiar with softwares such as Adobe illustrator, Photoshop and Davinci Resolve which allow me to get the most out of my creativity.

Ive also improved my photography skills and now capable of taking high quality images for any purpose.

My storytelling writing is also improved significantly and i have written some stories as part of the course.

Some Links

Read one of the stories ive writen below using "Twine"


The following image is a replica joiner I created using photoshop.This technique involves the assembly of multiple photographs to create a single, composite image.

The joiner was invented by David Hockney

David Hockney's creation of the “joiners” occurred accidentally. He noticed in the late sixties that photographers were using cameras with wide-angle lenses to take pictures. He did not like such photographs because they always came out somewhat distorted.


The following image is an image trace I created using illustrator. This involves using an image and adding patterns or designs to make it look completely different from the original image

The original image was an old shoe but with the help of image tracing ive turned it into a shoe with multiple different colours and designs

This image was used towards my Creative design and illustartion module as part of a CA.